Step-growth radical-mediated thiol-ene polymerizations in water-borne systems: Emulsions, suspensions and dispersions

Conference Dates

May 20-25, 2018


Recent developments in radical-mediated thiol-ene polymerizations include the application of these reactions in emulsion, dispersion, and suspension systems.1-6 These step-growth polymerizations have several significant advantages over traditional chain-growth (e.g., acrylic or stryrenic) polymerizations. In particular, they allow for easy functionalization through simple stoichiometric adjustments of the monomers used in the polymerization; for example, adding a slight excess of thiol monomer produces colloidal polymer particles replete with thiol functionality. Furthermore, the subsequent use of thiol-ene (and thiol-yne) and other ‘click’ chemistries can lead to the facile production of biodegradable and bio-functionalized colloids.

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