Preliminary activity on the pyrolysis of a plastic based solid recovered fuel

Conference Dates

June 16-21, 2019


Plastic is a versatile, lightweight, resistant, and inexpensive material, and an increase of its global demand has been observed in the last years (from 299 milion tonnes in 2013 to 348 in 2017) [1], with the dominant role played by the packaging sector, which absorbs almost 40% of the overall production. Management of post–consumer plastic packaging waste poses a serious environmental problem, and a number of strategies have been devised to reuse/recover these materials, mainly with the aim of recovering useful materials and avoiding landfilling. Among these strategies, pyrolysis can play a significant role for recovering useful products and energy from the post–selection mixed packaging waste, that is not amenable to other uses [1]. A large amount of studies has been developed to assess the possibility to convert waste plastic to oil by pyrolysis processes [1] either catalytic or non catalytic. Nevertheless, only a limited numbers of papers refer to the use of real plastic waste rather than simulated mixtures [2] even if the performances obtained are strongly influenced by the feedstock characteristics.

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