Effect of confined electrolyte volumes on galvanic corrosion kinetics in statically loaded materials

Conference Dates

July 15-20, 2018


This work investigates the effects that the confined volume of atmospheric electrolytes has on the galvanic corrosion kinetics of martensitic stainless steel alloys coupled with UNS A97075 in simulated atmospheric environments at relative humidity values that span the range of operational exposures. Restricted volumes found in thin films and droplets have been shown to control reduction reaction kinetics and are an ongoing challenge to characterize and standardize . This, along with the dynamic and high concentration of aggressive ions found in confined electrolytes, creates a unique corrosion system that requires a multifaceted approach to evaluate varied conditions, compare them with traditional measurements and more accurately predict galvanic atmospheric corrosion. In this work, corrosion currents in galvanic couples were obtained under three environmental conditions:

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