Adsorptive removal of CO2 from CO2-CH4 mixture using cation-exchanged zeolites

Conference Dates

March 5-10, 2017


Raw natural gas and landfill gas contains methane as its major component, but it also contains considerable amounts of contaminants such as CO2 and H2S (i.e. acid gases) that can cause corrosion and fouling of the pipeline and equipment during transportation and liquefaction. Amine-based CO2 gas removal processes have been employed in the gas industry, but these processes have disadvantages including high regeneration energy requirements and inefficiencies; these issues have not been adequately solved to date. Currently, adsorptive acid gas removal technologies have received significant interest because of the simplicity of adsorbent regeneration by thermal or pressure variation1). Numerous micro- and mesoporous adsorbents including zeolites [2-3], titanosilicates[4], activated carbons[5-6], metal-organic-framework (MOF) [7], and silica-alumina materials[8-9] were studied for this type of application. However, the CO2/CH4 selectivity of the aforementioned adsorbents was not high enough for commercial applications.In this study, different cation-exchanged zeolites were synthesized, physicochemically characterized, and evaluated for adsorptive removal of CO2 from CO2-CH4 mixtures. The adsorption isotherms of CO2 and CH4 in the pressure and temperature ranges 0 − 3MPa and 10 – 40 oC, respectively, for different cation-exchanged zeolites were measured and compared. The ideal-adsorbed solution theory (IAST) was employed for the estimation of CO2/CH4 selectivity for the different cation-exchanged zeolites.


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