Conference Dates

March 5-10, 2017


One-fifth of the world will face sever water shortage by 2040 as climate change and a growing population pushes up demand. Recently, Qatar water resources are becoming strained and stressed as Qatar only gets seven inches of rain per year. Furthermore, World Resources Institute (WRI) ranked all the countries over the world according to the severity of water crisis and the Middle East was one of the worst regions. Nine countries were considered extremely susceptible and Qatar was ranked as a number 3, after Bahrain and Kuwait. While the country (Qatar) population is growing – as today, 2.5 million residents are forecast to multiply eightfold by 2050. Thermal processes produce more than 90% of desalinated water, where the desalination process is energy intensive, and affecting the environment. The scope of the present work is to develop a process to produce clean water at low operating conditions (temperature

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