Conference Dates

October 2-8, 2004


A new structural tray ¾ the arc downcomer tray with total deflectors (ADTTD) was designed based on the numerical calculation of entropy generation rate. A pilot-scale setup was established to evaluate its hydrodynamics, heat transfer and mass transfer performances. The correlations for calculating the tray pressure drop and downcomer backup were derived. The measured temperature profiles of the liquid layer on the tray show that the flow pattern is nearly in an ideal mode if suitable deflectors are designed. The pressure drop of this tray decreases by approximately 50% compared with that of a conventional sieve tray in the region of intermediate to high vapor load. The liquid-phase Murphree tray efficiency of the tray is almost 30% higher than that of the traditional sieve tray under the same operating conditions. The weeping curve of the tray was also found to be a little lower than that of conventional trays. Experiments and industrial applications demonstrated that the ADTTD had some important advantages in lower pressure drop and energy-consumption, higher capacity and tray efficiency over the conventional sieve trays.