Conference Dates

June 7-10, 2009


Fibre Reinforced Shotcrete (FRS) reinforced with macro-synthetic fibres has now been used to stabilize ground in underground mines and tunnels, and for slope stabilization, for over 10 years. Experience has demonstrated that macro-synthetic fibres are capable of exhibiting very high levels of performance and are a highly effective form of reinforcement for both temporary and permanent ground support. Engineering data also exists showing that macro-synthetic fibres excel with regard to corrosion resistance and embrittlement in shotcrete, and are very effective in ground subject to high deformation. Despite this, the design of FRS linings using this type of reinforcement lags behind that of linings incorporating alternative forms of reinforcement. There is a lack of appreciation within the engineering construction community that methods of design exist for this material and that these have been proven satisfactory. This paper will attempt to summarize generic approaches to the design of temporary and permanent ground support based on macro-synthetic FRS.