September 3-6, 2017 - Kloster Irsee (near Augsburg)
Irsee, Germany

Editors:   Dietmar Mähner, Institute for Underground Construction, FH Münster, Germany
  Matthias Beisler, ILF Consulting Engineers, Asia (Thailand)
  Frank Heimbecher, Institute for Underground Construction, FH Münster, Germany

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Dietmar Mähner, Matthias Beisler, and Frank Heimbecher (Article)


Multi layered shotcrete design for tunnel construction, Matthias Werner Beisler, Sebastian Höser, and Vladimir Bartos (Abstract and Presentation)


In situ testing of early age energy absorption in sprayed fiber reinforced concrete - HyEA – test, Michael Kompatscher and Peter Kuhnhenn (Abstract and Presentation)

Limitation of strength of sprayed concrete, Sven Plückelmann, Björn Siebert, and Rolf Breitenbücher (Abstract)

Possible applications of a highly ductile sprayed concrete as a measure for ground support and structural upgrade, Götz Vollmann, Markus Thewes, and Eugen Kleen (Abstract)

Toward a better understanding of the placement of shotcrete: Nozzles and velocities, Pierre Siccardi, Marc Jolin, Simon Bérubé, and Benoit Bissonnette (Abstract)

Cellular sprayed concrete for simple and economic remixing, Kyong-Ku Yun, Seung-Yeon HAN, Kyeo-Re LEE, and Kyong NAMKUNG (Abstract)

Underground support for Xe-Pian Xe-Namnoy hydropower project, Lao PDR, Chawalit Tanomtin (Abstract)

Application examples of a very economic way of cellular sprayed concrete on retaining wall and artificial rock, Kyong-Ku Yun, Kyeo-Re LEE, Sung-Yong CHOI, and Yong-Gon KIM (Abstract)


Impact of polymer binders on the pull-out force of macro-synthetic fibers in sprayed concrete, Klaus Bonin and Christina Neumaier (Abstract and Presentation)

Structural retrofitting of rescue tunnels in single shell shotcrete construction – requirements and experiences, Daniel Eickmeier, Ingo Kaundinya, and Götz Vollmann (Abstract)

Production of a waterproofing construction in steel fiber concrete at the railway project Stuttgart 21, Andreas Schaab and Thomas Müller (Abstract)


Concrete renovation and enhancing of fire protection of an existing tunnel with sprayable polymer cement concrete (SPCC), Stefan Peters, U. Versen, and Stefan Peters (Abstract and Presentation)

The effects of local voids and imperfections of surrounding rock on the performance of existing tunnel lining, Jinyang Fu, J.S. Yang, F. Yang, S.Y. Wang, and J.W. Xie (Abstract)

Properties and function of permanent shotcrete linings waterproofed with bonded membranes, Karl Gunnar Holter (Abstract)

Impact of polymer binders on the pull-out force of macro-synthetic fibers in sprayed concrete, Klaus Bonin and Christina Neumaier (Abstract)

Durable and sustainable shotcrete, Maria Thumann and Wolfgang Kusterle (Abstract)

Tunnel shotcrete lining for hydroelectric projects in British Columbia, Lihe Zhang, D.R Morgan, Serge Moalli, Danny Dugas, and David Gagnon (Abstract)

Application of cellular sprayed concrete into two-lift concrete, Kyong-Ku Yun, NAMKUNG Kyong, Seung-Yeon HAN, and Ki-Heun KIM (Abstract)

Spray fibre reinforced concrete – performance criteria and testing method, Benoit de Rivaz (Abstract)

Encapsulation quality of reinforcement: Impact on bond strength and structural design considerations, Pasquale Basso and Marc JOLIN (Abstract)


Specifying and testing fiber reinforced shotcrete: Advances and challenges, Antoine Gagnon and Marc Jolin (Conference Proceeding)

Innovative shotcrete technologies for durable rapid underground development and infrastructure repairs exposed to severe conditions, Nicolas Ginouse, Simon Reny, and William Clements (Abstract)


Multi-Layer Shotcrete Design for Tunnel Construction, Bruno Mattle, Wolfgang Summerer, Sebastian Höser, and Vladimír Bartoš (Article)