Possible applications of a highly ductile sprayed concrete as a measure for ground support and structural upgrade

Conference Dates

September 3-6, 2017


The possible impacts to our underground infrastructure that might occur during its operational phase are subsequently correlating with the types of goods we are transporting as well as the overall threats to our society. With that in mind, explosions and huge fires, resulting from terroristic attacks or huge accidents, have become valid threats to our tunnels and underground hubs, especially in countries like Great Britain, the United States or Germany. Unfortunately, there are only a limited amount of measures and technical systems available for the systematic upgrade of such underground facilities, especially when talking about combined scenarios (explosion plus fire). The problem is, that most of these protective systems are based on ultra-high performance concrete approaches with a huge amount of reinforcement and additional additives for increasing the explosion and fire resistance of the concrete. For reasons of manufacturing and fabricating such protective layers and shells, these systems can often only be applied to plane structures with simple geometries and clearly defined boundaries. This is not necessarily a typical description of an underground structure, where arches and curved planes are more or less common. Therefore, a highly ductile sprayed concrete, with high fibre or steel content, could help closing this gap, at least in theory.

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