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November 17-20, 2019


This paper shows the relations between costs and time of high performance products and process optimazing.

Owner and at least contractors are under permanent cost and time pressure. The experiance in the shotcrete pumps and machine are in a high level in case of volume and performance. However looks the contractor for more value engineering too save money and time. The important step is to change the established way and optimazing the process to more efficiency. The ready mix are fast, well applicable and the end result of the concrete is allways in a good or high quality. Steel fibre manifacturer optimaze theirs steel fibers to high performance products, with 2’200 Mpa. The compination of high performance concrete and high performance steel help to minimazing time consuption and abrasion in pipes, pumps and nozzle.

Invitation of bids take the wording of standarts and guidelines, that’s meaning they need 30 kg/m3 steelfibers for 700 J in the apsorbtion test. High performance fibre take more than 1800 J with this dosage rate. The involved parties must work together to fund the cost and time effective solution.

The presentation show the audiance the technical frame, the way of development for the using on the sites with differnet samples. The steps to develop the end redymix are sometime theoretical and some more empiric. But allways we need less fibre (

The presentation show us the handling of the requirements, basis, standarts, guideline and more form designers view, the contractors view and the owners view. How we manage this and how big the result of this is.

  1. April 2019 Martin Eberli

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