Conference Dates

November 17-20, 2019


The ECI-SUS XIV Conference in Nong Nouch Gardens, Pataya, Thailand had been a very successful one in that - longest running series - for more than four decades.

Many thanks to the chairs Matthias Beisler and Preedee Ngarmsantikul and all the presenters as well as to the participants - pretty international again and resprensenting the mix of stake holders.

The involvement of ITA - by a greeting message of the past president and former chair Tarcisio Celestino - and the national TUTG-society was most welcome.

The main focus of "SHOTCRETE" with its elements like research, design, materials, equipment etc. were presented and in addition a special session - regarding "energy".

Personally I also do want to underline the perfect and outstanding overall "run" of that conference, presenting an insight in Thai-culture - many thanks to the local organizers including the people of Nong Nouch Gardens.

Herbert Klapperich
liaison ECI, New York

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