July 17-21, 2016
Clare College
Cambridge, United Kingdom

Chair:   Dr Howard J. Stone, University of Cambridge, United Kingdom
Co-Chairs:   Prof Bernard P. Bewlay, General Electric Global Research, USA
  Prof Lesley A. Cornish, University of the Witwatersrand, South Africa

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.

These papers will ultimately be reviewed and listed in the refereed section of the ECI Symposium site.

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Conference Program, Howard J. Stone (Article)

Search for materials beyond the capabilities of Ni-based Superalloys: A partial journey, Ramgopal Darolia (Abstract)

Navy research for materials beyond Ni- Superalloys, David A. Shifler and Thanh N. Tran (Abstract)

Potential for material systems beyond Superalloys, Neil Jones (Abstract)

Plasticity of hard and brittle materials at micron-meter size scales, Haruyuki Inui (Abstract)

High-temperature creep strength and room-temperature fracture toughness of MoSiBTiC alloy, Kyosuke Yoshimi, Shiho Yamamoto, Mi Zhao, Junya Nakamura, and Kouichi Maruyama (Abstract)


Microstructure and creep resistance of Ti-rich Mo + Mo5Si3 + Mo5SiB2 alloys, Daniel Schliephake and Martin Heilmaier (Abstract and Presentation)


Mo-9Si-8B alloys with additons of Zr – microstructure and creep properties, Uwe Glatzel, Christian Hochmuth, and Rainer Völkl (Abstract and Presentation)

Effect of W substitutions on the phase stability and oxidation behaviour of Mo-Si-B alloys, Mufit Akinc, Pratik K. Ray, Tuba Karahan, Gaoyuan Ouyang, Yi-ying Ye, Srinivasa Thimmaiah, and Matthew J. Kramer (Abstract)

Effects of compositional and microstructural variations on the mechanical and oxidation behavior of Mo-Si-B at elevated temperatures, Peter Marshall, Oliver Strbik, and Joe Cochran (Abstract)


Design of gamma-prime-strengthened Co-based Superalloys: Where we are and where we need to go, Eric A. Lass (Abstract and Presentation)

Evaluation of Co-based thermodynamic databases with respect to own and literature experimental data, Suzana G. Fries, Chistopher H. Zenk, Nathalie Dupin, Andreas Markström, Steffen Neumeier, and Mathias Göken (Abstract)

The influence of stacking fault energies and solute segregation on high temperature creep strength in L12-containing Co-based Superalloys, Michael S. Titus, Alessandro Mottura, Robert K. Rhein, Min-Hua Chen, Anton Van der Ven, and Tresa M. Pollock (Abstract)

Systematic coarse graining of the electronic structure for atomistic modelling of high-temperature materials, Ralf Drautz (Abstract)

Creep behaviors and microstructural stabilities of Co-Al-W-Ta-Ti-based Superalloys, Qiang Feng, Fei Xue, Haijing Zhou, Wendao Li, William Yi Wang, and Zi-Kui Liu (Abstract)

Planar fault energies in superalloys from first principles, Alessandro Mottura, Joshua Allen, and Abed Al Hasan Breidi (Abstract)


γ/γ' Co-base superalloys – new high temperature materials beyond Ni-base Superalloys?, Steffen Neumeier, Christopher H. Zenk, Lisa P. Freund, and Mathias Göken (Abstract and Presentation)

The effects of alloying additions in polycrystalline Co-Ni Superalloys, Paul Mulvey, David Dye, and Mark Hardy (Abstract)

Alloying effects on the oxidation behaviour of shot-peened Co-Ni base Superalloys, Farah Ismail, Trevor Lindley, David Dye, Mark Hardy, and Barbara Shollock (Abstract)


Microstructural analysis and high temperature creep of Mo-9Si-8B alloys with Al and Ge additions, Peter Kellner, Rainer Völkl, and Uwe Glatzel (Abstract and Presentation)

Oxidation behavior and mechanical properties of Ti-enriched MoSiBTiC alloy, Mi Zhao, Kyosuke Yoshimi, and Kentaro Yokoyama (Abstract)


Enhanced oxidation resistance of Ti-rich Mo-Si-B alloys by pack-cementation process, Camelia Gombola, Daniel Schliephake, Martin Heilmaier, and John H. Perepezko (Abstract and Presentation)

Oxidation protection of Mo-Si-B alloys by magnetron-sputtered coatings, Reinhold Braun, Uwe Schulz, and Annika Lange (Abstract)

High temperature oxidation behaviour of Mo-Si-B-based and Co-Re-Cr-based alloys, Bronislava Gorr, Maria Azim, Lin Wang, Hans-Jürgen Christ, Debashis Mukherji, Joachim Rösler, Daniel Schliephake, and Martin Heilmaier (Abstract)


Microstructural stability of Co-Re-Cr-Ta-C alloy strengthened by TaC precipitates, Debashis Mukherji, Ralph Gilles, Lukas Karge, Pavel Strunz, Přemysl Beran, and Joachim Rösler (Abstract and Presentation)

Nitridation during oxidation as a challenge for Cr-based alloys and its mitigation by alloying, Mathias C. Galetz and Ali Soleimani Dorchev (Abstract)

Addition of PGMS to improve high temperature oxidation resistance of titanium-aluminium alloys, Hadio Mantyi, Alain Mwamba, Lesley Chown, Elma van der Lingen, and Lesley Cornish (Abstract)

A crystal plasticity study of the micromechanics of interfaces in TiAl, Fabio Di Gioacchino, Tom E. J. Edwards, Garth N. Wells, and William J. Clegg (Abstract)

Measuring crack initiation and the plastic deformation behaviour of titanium aluminides under compressive and tensile uniaxial loading, T.E.J. Edwards, F Di Gioacchino, R. Muñoz Moreno, N. Martin, M. Dixon, and W.J. Clegg (Abstract)

Alloy design concept for bcc-T2 silicide-B2 aluminide multicomponent alloys, Seiji Miura, Takuya Yamanouchi, Nobuhiro Matsuzaki, Tomonori Soma, and Ken-ichi Ikeda (Abstract)

Effects of Hf, B, Cr and Zr alloying on mechanical properties and oxidation resistance of Nb-Si based ultrahigh temperature alloy, Xiping Guo, Song Zhang, Yuxiang Zeng, and Yanqiang Qiao (Abstract)

The role of Sn in the oxidation of Nb silicide based alloys, Zhen Xu, Claire Utton, Nikos Vellios, Ioannis Papadimitriou, Jiang Zha, and Panos Tsakiropoulos (Abstract)


A critical review of high entropy alloys (HEAs) and related concepts, D.B. Miracle and O.N. Senkov (Abstract and Presentation)

Development of high temperature refractory-based multi-principle-component alloys by thermodynamic calculations and rapid alloy prototyping, Michael S. Titus, Katelun N. Wertz, Jonathan D. Miller, Daniel B. Miracle, and Dierk Raabe (Abstract)

Microstructure,mechanical property and oxidation behavior of HfZrTiTaBx HEAs, Yunjia Guo, Hong Zhang, Li’an Zhu, Shuxin Bai, Yicong Ye, and Yongle Huang (Abstract)

Tuning ductility for refractory high-entropy alloys, Saad Sheikh and Sheng Guo (Abstract)

Mechanical properties of P/M refractory high entropy alloys, H. J. Ryu, B. C. Kang, O.A. Waseem, J. H. Lee, and S. H. Hong (Abstract)

Challenges and opportunities with ultra-high temperature ceramics, Luc J. Vandeperre, Jianye Wang, Michele Pettina, Kamran Nikbin, Donni D. Jayaseelan, Laura Larrimbe, Chris Hawkins, Jennifer De Cerbo, Peter. Brown, Alan Katz, and William E. Lee (Abstract)


Towards nanoindentation at application-relevant temperatures – A study on CMSX-4 alloy and amdry-386 bond coat, James Gibson, Sebastian Schröders, Christoffer Zehnder, and Sandra Korte-Kerzel (Abstract and Presentation)

On the mechanism of oxidation resistance of W-Cr-Pd alloys at high temperatures, R. Z. Shneck, (Abstract)

V-Si-B alloys for ultra-high temperature applications, Manja Krüger and Janett Schmelzer (Abstract)

On the design and feasibility of refractory metal-base Superalloys, E.J. Pickering, H.J. Stone, and N.G. Jones (Abstract)

Microstructure and mechanical behavior of TiC-reinforced Ti-Mo-Al alloys, Yuanyuan Lu, Hidemi Kato, Junpei Yamada, and Kyosuke Yoshimi (Abstract)

High temperature creep of tungsten free cobalt based Superalloys, Abhishek Sharma, Priyanka Agrawal, Prafull Pandey, Surendra Kumar Makineni, Dipankar Banerjee, and Kamanio Chattopadhyay (Abstract)

Rules for designing Nb silicide based alloys: The case for the solid solution phase, Panos Tsakiropoulos (Abstract)

Laser additive manufacturing of niobium silicide-based composites, Andrew Douglas, Adam Allen, Huan Qian, Leandro Feitosa, Hongbiao Dong, Xin Lin, and Weidong Huang (Abstract)

Eutectics and peritectics in the solidification processing of Nb silicide based alloys, Conor McCaughey and Panos Tsakiropoulos (Abstract)

Powder route processing of Nb-silicide based alloys, Edward Gallagher, Claire Utton, and Panos Tsakiropoulos (Abstract)

Laser additive manufacturing of niobium silicide-based composites, Adam Allen, Huan Qian, Leandro Feitosa, Andrew Douglas, Hongbiao Dong, Xin Lin, and Weidong Huang (Abstract)

Effect of ZrC phase on high-temperature strength and room-temperature fracture toughness of ZrC-added Mo-Si-B alloys, Shunichi Nakayama, Kyosuke Yoshimi, Hirokazu Katsui, and Takashi Goto (Abstract)

High temperature properties of several families of TiC-reinforced cast Superalloys, Patrice Berthod, Floriane Allègre, Estelle Kretz, Mira Khair, and Mélissa Ritouet (Abstract)

High temperature properties ZrC-strengthened Co-based and Fe-based cast Superalloys, Patrice Berthod, Thierry Schweitzer, Lionel Aranda, Jérémy Peultier, and Valentin Kuhn (Abstract)

Thermal and mechanical properties at high temperature of Co-based Superalloys strengthened by MC carbides with M=Ta or Nb, Mélissa Ritouet and Patrice Berthod (Abstract)

High temperature behaviour of chromium-nickel alloys with Ni varying from 50 to 0 Wt.%, Mélissa Ritouet and Patrice Berthod (Abstract)


Improving the oxidation resistance of refractory metals via aluminum diffusion coatings and halogen effect, A.S. Ulrich and M.C. Galetz (Abstract and Presentation)

Developing Nb-Si based ultra-high temperature materials in BIAM, Yongwang Kang, Ming Li, Meiling Wu, and Fengwei Guo (Abstract)

Design, characterisation and properties of Mo-Ti-Fe alloys reinforced by ordered intermetallic precipitates, A.J. Knowles, N.G. Jones, H.J. Stone, C.N. Jones, and D. Dye (Abstract)

Effect of Al-10Sr on microstructure and fracture toughness at room temperature of Nb- Si-Ti alloys, Meiling WU, Fengwei GUO, and Yongwang Kang (Abstract)

Controlling plastic flow in brittle structures, R.P. Thompson, P.R. Howie, and W.J. Clegg (Abstract)

Thermophysical properties of a Ni alloy, Doreen Rapp, Ekkehard Post, and Peter Davies (Abstract)

(Nano-)Mechanical properties and deformation mechanisms of the topologically closed packed Fe-55Mo µ-phase at room temperature, Sebastian Schröders, Christoffer Zehnder, James Gibson, Stefanie Sandlöbes, and Sandra Korte-Kerzel (Abstract)

Increasing the elevated-temperature strength of a beta titanium alloy through thermomechanically-induced phase tranformation, V. Khademi, C. J. Boehlert, and M. Ikeda (Abstract)

Characterization of microstructure and oxidation resistance of Y and Ge modified silicide coating on Nb-Si based alloy, Chungen Zhou, lijing Zheng, and Huarui Zhang (Abstract)

Phase equilibria in the Nb-Si-Ge phase diagram, Claire A. Utton, Ioannis Papadimitriou, Hajime Kinoshita, and Panos Tsakiropoulos (Abstract)

Failure mode transition of NbSS phase from cleavage to dimple in Nb-Si based alloys prepared by spark plasma sintering through controlling of NbSS powder size and morphology and alloying, Jiangbo Sha and Hu Zhang (Abstract)

Microstructure, tensile behavior and oxidation resistance of the two step heat treated Nb- Ti-Si based alloy, Hu Zhang, Chungen Zhou, Jiangbo Sha, Lei Zheng, and Lina Jia (Abstract)