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September 23-26, 2018


The elimination of high temperature and high pressure sterilization processes by the advent of Single-Use-Systems (SUS) opens up a new era for the glass electrode based pH sensor. Without the requirement for pretreatment of a pH glass electrode under high temperature and pressure, the classic pH sensing technology delivers a more reliable, more rugged, and more accurate pH measurement. However, the innovative and unique SUS practice also posts new challenges, such as the long shelf-life requirement and the limitation of access to the sensor for calibration once on site,.

At Broadley-James Corporation, a new manufacturing technology has been developed to allow a coplanar pH glass electrode design. This innovative sensor design will allow the sensing surface to transfer from a storage/calibration position to a measurement position while maintaining a fully closed and sterile system status. A single use pH sensor based on this design exhibits features such as shelf life up to 2 years post gamma, on site calibration capability, post use validation capability, and 2 – 12 pH range coverage. This poster will present a coplanar tubular glass electrode design for upstream (bag) installation, as well as a coplanar flat glass electrode design for downstream (flow path) installation. Sensor accuracy verification, design details, and preliminary test results will also be presented.

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