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September 23-26, 2018


Purpose built single-use fermenters enable production facilities to utilize the single-use technologies instead of traditional stainless steel fermentor vessels without modifying their existing procedures. The manufacture lead time of the single-use fermentor hardware is a fraction of traditional vessels. As each single-use bioprocess container ships sterile and validated, reducing down time between cultures and allowing for more production volume in less space. Here we demonstrate kLa studies and aerobic cultivations with up to 2vvm gas flow in comparison of the single-use fermentors to traditional stainless steel fermenters. These single-use fermentors covering 6L-300L working volumes are specifically designed to meet the performance requirements of dense, rapidly growing microbial cultures while offering the benefits of quick process setup, reduced contamination risk, and high production quality of the original single-use bioreactor.

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