Creating commercial opportunities for regenerative medicine by introducing closed, automated solutions with single-use principles

Conference Dates

September 23-26, 2018


Cell and gene therapy, with growing proof of efficacy in varied indications, has reached an inflection point resulting in a steep increase in the investment of time and money by established companies and disruptive startups. With rapid growth comes the need to quickly and economically manufacture therapies that maintain a consistent, high-level of quality and, in turn, can support commercial manufacturing. This is especially true when looking at patient specific cell therapies that require rapid change over of equipment and benefit little from traditional sterile barriers (i.e. filters and heat inactivation) or economies of scale. Counter-flow centrifugation (CFC) presents an intriguing technology that, when implemented onto a closed and automated system, provides a platform for upstream processing of cell therapies by incorporating multiple unit processes and mitigating the risk imposed with frequent equipment changes.

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