May 20, May 25, June 1, 2021

Chairs:   Magali Barbaroux, Sartorius-Stedim, France
  Weibing Ding, GSK, USA
  Martina Micheletti, UCL, UK

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.


May 20 Introduction, Martina Micheletti (Video)

May 20 Session Introduction: Novel Polymers and Interactions between Polymers and Biologicals, Nelly Montenay and Sheryl Kane (Video)

Overview on chemical recycling for film extrusion, Juergen Betz (Video)

Qualification of additive manufacturing materials for biopharma applications, Lukas Raddatz (Video)

May 20 Session Introduction: Sensors and Their Integration with Single-Use Technology, Torsten Mayr and Jim Furey (Video)


The Sens-o-Spheres System: Miniaturized mobile sensor probes for a flexible use in modern bioreactors, Nandor Ziebart (Article)

A soft sensor approach for automated cell characterization in single-use shake flasks, Rüdiger Maschke (Video)

Impacts of single-use practice on pH/DO sensor design, CD Feng (Video)

May 20 Q&A with Closing, Magali Barbaroux, Martina Micheletti, Nelly Montenay, Sheryl Kane, Juergen Betz, Lukas Raddatz, Torsten Mayr, Jim Furey, Nandor Ziebart, Rüdiger Maschke, and C.D. Feng (Video)

May 25 Introduction, Martina Micheletti (Video)

May 25 Session Introduction: Single-Use Advantages in Continuous and Connected Processing, Peter Levison and Mark Brower (Video)

Benefits and challenges associated with constructing small-scale single use bioreactor model for high cell density perfusion, Matthew Manahan (Video)

SymphonX TM : A multifunctional downstream single-use purification system for connected and integrated continuous processing, Charles Heise (Video)

Developing further digital integration into a flexible, automated and integrated continuous downstream purification platform, Simon Hawdon (Video)


Regulatory and quality aspects of continuous bioprocessing using single-use solutions, Britta Manser (Article)

May 25 Session Introduction: Single-Use Adoption in Emerging Applications, Diego Schmidhalter and Qasim Rafiq (Video)


Cell therapy manufacturing single use components: Implementation and considerations, Eytan Abraham (Article)

Single-use technologies – the key to cost-effective manufacture of gene therapy products, Tania Pereira Chilima (Video)

3D printed single-use bioreactors for the cultivation and maturation of large bio-printed tissue, Laura Chastagnier (Video)

June 1 Introduction, Weibing Ding (Video)

June 1 Session Introduction: Single-Use Performance and Learning from Other Industries, Jeffrey Carter and Xueyuan (Shawn) Wang (Video)


Transferring an existing process from stainless steel to disposable bioreactor systems: Lessons learned, Nico Hollanders (Article)


Evaluation of a new single use technology for harvest, Edward Chan (Article)

Correlating aviation industry product modeling, quality and management for single use bioprocessing system, Chor Sing Tan (Video)

The routes of cross-contamination in single-use applications, Olivier Vitrac (Video)

June 1 Q&A with Closing, Magali Barbaroux, Martina Micheletti, Weibing Ding, Jeffrey Carter, Xueyuan (Shawn) Wang, Nico Hollanders, Edward Chan, Chor Sing Tan, and Olivier Vitrac (Video)