Conference Dates

March 20 – 23, 2022


Enhanced sedimentation on inclined surfaces has been exploited successfully in mammalian cell cultures to recycle live and productive mammalian cells into the continuous perfusion bioreactors, while removing selectively the smaller dead cells and cell debris into the harvest stream. We have developed a compact settler design using cylindrical and conical geometries, with about 5-10X more settling surfaces over a given footprint, compared to the traditional rectilinear scale up design. With this improved design, we have demonstrated that these compact settlers can also recycle smaller microbial yeast cells back to the perfusion bioreactors operated continuously over two months. We have fabricated the compact settler as a single use disposable plastic settler at an initial size of 150 mm diameter (“BioSettler150”). Perfusion bioreactors attached with this BioSettler as the selective cell retention device achieve high cell densities and viabilities of CHO cells over extended culture durations by selectively removing smaller dead cells and cell debris.

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