Automated microscale tools for speeding up both single use and reusable process development during pandemic scenarios

Conference Dates

March 20 – 23, 2022


The rapid and reliable screening of novel therapies and drug candidates is crucial to reduce costs and speed up research and development during biopharmaceutical manufacture. Single use technologies are ideally suited for this purpose due to their ease of integration, installation and quick turnaround, with no need for CIP/SIP operations1. Advances in high throughput technologies, like plastic microwell-based plates, and automation can further support speeding up of process development and be used to get an abundance of bioprocess data early to de-risk subsequent developmental phases and eventual scaling up for manufacture2,3. The novel and often unconventional configuration of many single use systems introduces another layer of complexity in the development of small-scale models for predicting large scale performance. Development of effective scaling methodologies are often not established, leading to discrepancies between microscale and large-scale data.

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