Growth through sustainable business model innovation using ICIS Framework

Conference Dates

March 20 – 23, 2022


COVID-19 pandemic is a setback for sustainable development. For the first time since the adoption of the SDGs in 2015, the global average SDG Index score for 2020 has decreased from the previous year: a decline driven to a large extent by increased poverty rates and unemployment following the outbreak of the COVID‑19 pandemic. It becomes more urgent that businesses continue to evolve and innovate to minimize the impact of the pandemic and to safeguard our future for the next generation.

This presentation addresses how a technology and service provider in life science industry can meet sustainability challenges and their biopharma customers with a transformative agenda and create growth through creation of sustainable business innovation, based on the following manifesto:

1) We must innovate our business models; how we design, build, sell, distribute and take responsibility of our products and services throughout the entire lifecycle.

2) We must invent new services and technology that creates positive handprints, supporting a long-term transition

The presentation will report out, using single use technology and supply of pre- made buffer and process liquid, as an example, on how to

1) Adopt and develop what is currently available; technology and products that supports a sustainable road map.

2) Phase out process, products and technologies that are not sustainable, short or long term.

ICIS (Initiate, Commit, Innovate, Synthesis) framework in Figure 1 will be presented to illustrate creation of a new business model for single use technology and pre-made buffer liquid production service using a human centric innovation principle, identifying suitable design and innovation tools, addressing planetary boundaries to limit ecological footprint while driving growth and impact – social, ecological and economical.

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