Driving innovation in sustainability through product Life Cycle Assessments

Conference Dates

March 20 – 23, 2022


Watson-Marlow Fluid Technology Group is committed to improving the sustainability of our products. Customer expectations are growing in relation to the sustainability performance of our products and services and many are looking to us to help them meet their sustainability targets. Therefore delivering products and services that improve the sustainability of our customers’ operations is central to our Company Purpose. One of the pillars of our Sustainability strategy is a commitment to carrying out life cycle assessments (LCA) for our products. LCAs are critical to understanding the environmental impact of a product, from raw material extraction through to product disposal and beyond considering end of life solutions. In collaboration with the University of Exeter, an approach to conducting robust LCAs has been established focusing on Cradle to Grave and End Of Life impacts. To date, products integral to the use of Watson-Marlow’s puresu® and aspecticsuTM single-use technologies have been assessed including the BioClamp® and Aflex Hose products as well as the Qdos 30 pump for industrial applications. The outputs of the LCAs are enabling Watson-Marlow to develop and deploy innovation in sustainability throughout their supply chain and in their product development pipeline.

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