September 10-13, 2023
Boston, Massachusetts, USA

Chair:   Magali Barbaroux, Sartorius
  Sheryl Kane, Takeda
  Seongkyu Yoon, University of Massachusetts, Lowell



Conference program - SINGLE USE TECHNOLOGIES VI, M. Barbaroux, S. Kane, and S. Yoon (Article)

Big Ideas, Bold Goals, and the Future of Biomanufacturing, John Schiel (Abstract)

Workflow for identifying and monitoring antioxidant additives in single-use systems, Weifeng Lin, Kate Comstock, and Sven Hackbusch (Abstract)

Implementing X-ray for single use systems sterilization: Current status, Samuel Dorey, Mélanie Gauthier, Nina Girard-Perier, Isabelle Gay, Blanche Krieguer, Sylvain R.A Marque, and Nathalie Dupuy (Abstract)

Advanced numerical characterization of a wave-mixed bioreactor used in the biopharmaceutical industry, Stefan Seidel, Rüdiger W. Maschke, Matthias Kraume, Regine Eibl, and Dieter Eibl (Abstract)

Design of a GMP-ready single-pass tangential flow filtration (SPTFF) and inline diafiltration (LILDF) system for continuous manufacturing operations, Lara Fernandez Cerezo, Cyrill Stadelmann, Paul Brosnan, Tim Donovan, Alexandra David, John Levesley, Adrian Giltinan, Ronan Healy, Matt Kessler, and Mark Brower (Abstract)


Emerging trends in single use technology for manufacturing of antibody- drug conjugates, Asmita Pawar (Abstract and Presentation)


Material considerations for cell & gene therapy products, Ekta Mahajan and Ulrike Strauss (Abstract and Presentation)

The integration of SU, automation & robotics to enable new therapy modalities, David Pollard (Abstract)

The role of membrane chemistry in Lentiviral vector clarification recovery for cell and gene therapies, Noor Mujahid, Yasu Takeuchi, and Andrea Rayat (Abstract)

SUD inclined settling bioreactor for gentle expansion, concentration and harvest of gene and cell therapies, Dhinakar Kompala, Christopher B. Glascock, Braden L. Smith, and David A. Aberin (Abstract)


3D printing technology: Supply chain independent single-use plastic ware and bioreactors for cell culture, Lena Achleitner and Peter Satzer (Abstract and Presentation)

Next generation processes: Single use technology and key enablers, Melissa Semple, Ken Clapp, Nicholas Brocato, and Radhika Jayakar (Abstract)

Simplified Extractables and Leachables Assessment Using Prior Knowledge and IT solutions, Armin Hauk, Alexander Wildschütz, Ina Pahl, and Roberto Menzel (Abstract)

Agile response to COVID supply disruptions to strengthen raw material resiliency and ensure uninterrupted supply, Elizabeth Rainbeau (Abstract)


Single use digitization and information management: enabling agile and sustainable systems, Shane Kelly, Cian Gibbons, and Dan O’Regan (Abstract and Presentation)

Bio ↔ Electronic Information Processing: An Emerging Technology for Biomanufacturing, Willian E. Bentley (Abstract)

Driving environmental sustainability in the biopharmaceutical industry, Matteo Alaria (Abstract)

Process sustainability through new technologies: Single-use centrifuge implications on process and product efficiency, John Puglia and Jordan Cobia (Abstract)

Can sustainability concepts for food packaging be used as a benchmark for single use packaging in the biotech industry?, Jurgen Betz, Ingo Schnellenbach, and Valeska Haux (Abstract)

How EcoDesign methodologies can be leveraged to reduce the carbon footprint throughout a product lifecycle, Jonathan Molinari, Alexis Parrillo, Alexander Adams, Daniel D’Aquila, and Phillip Smith (Abstract)


Bioreactivity testing in single use technologies; industry position paper, Nicole Hunter, Monica Cardona, Ariana W. Gleisberg, and Sade Mokuolu (Abstract and Presentation)

A mathematical approach to evaluate equivalence in E&L assessments of SUS, Armin Hauk, Alexander Wildschütz, Ina Pahl, and Roberto Menzel (Abstract)

Is component part standardization of established systems possible?, Marcus Bayer (Article)

Flexibility by design via integrated, configurable platform solutions, Floriane Cohen (Abstract)

Process intensification using SepraPor® ultrafiltration hollow fibers for single-pass tangential flow filtration, Jessica McRoskey (Abstract)

Process intensification in downstream TFF purification using SepraPor® ultrafiltration (UF) hollow fiber filters, Jessica McRoskey and Kiersten Fraser (Abstract)

The improved performance and reliability of dual functionality filters having combined hydrophilic / hydrophobic membrane characteristics, Thomas Lazzara (Abstract)

Sample-free operation in cell-culture simulations using single-use pH sensor with built- in self-calibration capability, CD Feng (Abstract)


Environmental impacts of gamma versus X-ray irradiation sterilization, Robert Barrentine (Abstract and Presentation)

Developing a universal single-use skid for continuous purification operations, Chad Varner, Xhorxhi Gjoka, Michael Coolbaugh, and Shashi Malladi (Abstract)

Ultimus® film: The next generation of single-use film, Diana Perez (Abstract)


Development of a dissolved CO2 sensor in true single-use format, Sebastian Schmidt and Stefan Bardeck (Abstract and Presentation)

Benefits of high-purity biopharma processing thermoplastic tubing in single-use systems, Sweden Yocom and Stephane Cornellis (Abstract)