March 26-31, 2017 - Grand Hotel Minareto - Siracusa, Italy

Editors:   Gary M. Gladysz (Empyreus Solutions, LLC, USA)
  Krishan K. Chawla (University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA)
  Aldo R. Boccaccini (University of Erlangen-Nuremberg, Germany)
  Manabu Fukushima (National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology (AIST), Japan)

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Conference Program, Gary M. Gladysz, Krishan K. Chawla, Aldo R. Boccaccini, and Manabu Fukushima (Article)

Composite Foams as Tissue Scaffolds: Past, Present and Future, Liliana Liverani and Aldo Boccaccini (Abstract)

Controlling the kinetics of aluminium reaction to control the porosity of foam concrete, Ailar Hajimohammadi, Tuan Ngo, and Priyan Mendis (Abstract)

Processing and engineering applications of structured cellular ceramics through freezing route, Manabu Fukushima, Hideki Hyuga, Chika Matsunaga, and Yu-ichi Yoshizawa (Abstract)

Novel curative systems for high strength, low thermal conductivity epoxy-based syntactic foams, Gary Gladysz, Borys Schafran, Jeff Dimmit, Karana Shah, Benjamin Willis, and Brian Pillay (Abstract)

Beyond glass microspheres, high strength, high temperature hollow shells, Carol Wedding, Peter Marshall, and Adeline Miermont (Abstract)

Room temperature foaming of glass powder in aqueous environment, Doğuş Zeren; Mustafa GÜDEN,; and Ufuk Ş ENTÜRK (Abstract)

Metal coating of ceramic microspheres: A new precursor for realising metal-based syntactic foams, Andrei Shishkin, Maria Drozdova, Irina Hussainova, Dirk Lehmhus, Marks Lisnanskis, and Vjaceslavs Lapkovskis (Abstract)

Functional Foams, Krishan Chawla (Abstract)

Tailored surface porosities on ceramic foams, Manabu Fukushima, Akihiro Shimamura, Tatsuki Ohji, and Naoki Kondo (Abstract)

Failure behaviour of glass-microballoons/thermoset-matrix syntactic foams subject to hydrostatic loading, Lorenzo Bardella, Giovanni Perini, Andrea Panteghini, Nikhil Gupta, Maurizio Porfiri, and Noel Tessier (Abstract)

High density polyethylene matrix syntactic foams: Industrial scale fabrication and mechanical properties, Nikhil Gupta and M. Doddamani (Abstract)

Characterization of interfacial strength of syntactic foam by unit cell finite element model, W.J. Lee, Y.J Kang, and Y.C. Lee (Abstract)

Strain rate properties of syntactic foams, Nikhil Gupta (Abstract)

Development of Silicone Room Temperature Foams for Superior Performance Applications, Leeanne Brown (Abstract)

Processing of the ultra-light syntactic foam material Eccostock® FFP using selective laser sintering, Petra Juskova, Christopher J. Tuck, Ruth D. Goodridge, Mark Swan, and Anna Terry (Abstract)

Proteins as Coating Materials on Bioactive Glass-based Composite Foams, Liliana Liverani, Jasmin Hu, and Aldo R. Boccaccini (Abstract)

Dynamic mechanical characterization and sustainability of polyurethane foam and natural fiber laminates, Krishnan Kanny (Abstract)

Phosphate and plaster bonded syntactic foams for collapsible cores in light metal casting, Dirk Lehmhus, Michael Heuser, Farina Handels, and Jörg Weise (Abstract)

Thermoplastic syntactic foam-based composite tornado shelter: fabrication and characterization, Brian Pillay (Abstract)

Foams in composite structures: Past, present and future, Michael Gromacki (Abstract)

Development of a syntactic-based sandwich composite for blast- Resistance modular buildings, Karana Shah, Gary Gladysz, Vinay Mishra, and Kevan Rusk (Abstract)

Crack bridging modelling in Bioglass® based scaffolds reinforced by polyvinyl alcohol / microfibrillated cellulose composite coating, Luca Bertolla, Ivo Dlouhý, Michael Kotoul, Petr Marcian, Petr Skalka, Oldrich Sevecek, James Mertens, and Nikilesh Chawla (Abstract)

Porous Geopolymer Components, Paolo Colombo, Giorgia Franchin, and Chengying Bai (Abstract)

Development of 3D cellular silicone structures using reactive inkjet printing approach for energy absorbing application, Aleksandra Foerster, Ricky Wildman, Richard Hague, Christopher Tuck, and Anna Terry (Abstract)

Coated glass microballoons and syntactic foams thereof for environmental cleanup, K. K. Chawla and G. M Gladysz (Abstract)

Voids in Materials: Adding Functionality during Additive Manufacturing, G. M Gladysz and K. K. Chawla (Abstract)

Influence of glass hollow microsphere fillers on the Rheological behavior of Epoxy resin, Y.J. Kang, G. J. Jang, K. C. Lee, W. J. Lee, and Y. C. Lee (Abstract)

Antimicrobial chitosan foams with and without polyester blending as tissue engineering scaffolds, Lukas Gritsch and Aldo R. Boccaccini (Abstract)

A novel high temperature and flame resistant Twaron aramid foam, Ruud Heijmans (Abstract)

Effects of production parameters on microstructure and densification of iron/glass syntactic foam by conventional powder metallurgy, Yi Je Cho, Yong Ho Park, Wookjin Lee, Young Cheol Lee, and Jeong-Jung Oak (Abstract)