Mechanical and thermal properties of nanostructured Gd2O3 doped YSZ coatings prepared by atmospheric plasma spraying

Conference Dates

June 24-29, 2018


Four nanostructured Y2O3-ZrO2(YSZ), 4mol%Gd2O3-YSZ(4Gd-YSZ), 6mol%Gd2O3-YSZ(6Gd-YSZ), 8mol%Gd2O3-Y2O3-ZrO2(8Gd-YSZ) coatings were prepared by atmospheric plasma spraying (APS) technology under the same spraying parameters. The phase composition, microstructure, hardness, adhesion strength, thermal shock behavior and failure mechanism of nano-YSZ and GdYSZ were investigated systemically. The results showed that the as-sprayed GdYSZ coatings were consist of tetragonal ZrO2 (t-ZrO2) and Gd element was in solid solution with t-ZrO2. The value of hardness, adhesion strength and thermal shock life for the as-sprayed nano-YSZ, 4Gd-YSZ, 6Gd-YSZ, 8Gd-YSZ coating were: YSZ > 4Gd-YSZ > 6Gd-YSZ > 8Gd-YSZ. Our investigations proved that the dopants Gd2O3 had the obvious effect on YSZ, that is Gd2O3 decreased the hardness, deteriorate the adhesion strength, and reduced thermal shock life. The more of Gd2O3 and the effect is obvious. Reasons of different properties for them were also analyzed in detail.

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