Thermophysical, microstructural characterization and non-destructive control of TBCs by photothermal and thermographic techniques: some lessons learned

Conference Dates

June 24-29, 2018


Since several years, photothermal and thermographic techniques have been used to perform the thermo-physical characterisation of TBCs and the non-destructive assessment of TBC integrity. Furthermore, in the last decade some attempts to use these techniques for carrying out a non-destructive microstructural characterization have been done, as well. In this talk the description of a thermographic technique able to simultaneously measure the through-the-thickness and the in-plane thermal diffusivity of free standing TBCs samples and thus giving evidence of the typical microstructural anisotropy of APS TBCs will be provided [1]. Furthermore, some effects of the laser radiation used in a laser flash experiment on the TBC thermal diffusivity and a new model for fitting the experimental data will be presented [2,3].

The main results of an activity focused to identify potentialities and limitations of using Laser flash experiments on multilayered samples for estimating thermal diffusivity of TBCs samples will be provided.

A theoretical and experimental analysis of the real capabilities of infrared techniques to estimate the porosity content and the microstructure of porous ceramic materials such as thermal barrier coatings (TBCs) by studying thermal diffusivity variations when pores are filled with air or vacuum will be provided [4,5].

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