Operational experience with EB-PVD commercial equipment and processes

Conference Dates

June 24-29, 2018


EBPVD TBC on Pt modified diffusion aluminide is the coating of choice for highly stressed airfoils in aero engines. Since 1998 Praxair Surface Technologies, Inc., and now PG Technologies, LLC, provide high quality coating services for EBPVD TBC coating to GE Aviation under a production alliance agreement licensing GE core technology. Beginning with a clean slate, we had the opportunity to set up a coating facility specifically designed for the intended product spectrum. High volume state the art multi-chamber coating machines and the related ancillary equipment were initially implemented in Indianapolis and Singapore. A further expansion to a new coating facility in Ellisville, MS is under way. Over the years, the EBPVD TBC process has been optimized with regard to throughput and yield in a continuous improvement process driven by Six Sigma and lean manufacturing methodology. This presentation will highlight the key factors for product quality, throughput and yield. Selected examples of process and productivity improvements are investigated, such as thermal management for extended coating campaigns and advanced coating fixture design for higher productivity.

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