Development and application of advanced thermal barrier coating for high efficiency gas turbine

Conference Dates

June 24-29, 2018


To improve thermal efficiency of GTCC, 1700ºC gas turbine is being developed as a Japanese national project. To achieve 1700ºC combustion temperature and get high efficiency, researches for each component has been done. As one item of this development project, research and development of advanced Thermal Barrier Coating(TBC) is now ongoing. The surface temperatures of TBC topcoat and bondcoat of 1700°C class gas turbine will be increased to obtain the higher thermal efficiency compared with those of the conventional gas turbine. Therefore, development of the new ceramic topcoat material with low thermal conductivity and the new bondcoat material with high oxidation resistance was carried out. In this paper, the advanced TBC development situation and verification utilizing the MHI's actual power plant are discussed.

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