Conference Dates

June 22-27, 2014


At the moment, silicide coatings provide the best protection against high temperature oxidation for niobium alloys. These are envisaged for replacing nickel base alloys currently used in the hot section of turbo-engines. Silicides confer higher protectiveness to Nb base system when compared to the environmental resistance presented by Nb alloys coated with aluminides. One major advantage of silicides is probably the great number of possibilities for modifying their composition as well as their crystallographic structure. Thus, many elemental substitutions were performed over the past 20 years in order to optimize their performances in terms of oxidation resistance. The works performed at the University of Nancy focused currently on the M3M'3CrSi6 phase which has Nb3Fe3CrSi6 as prototype [i]. Initially, the coatings were developed for the protection of niobium alloys, strengthened by solid solution and in which the niobium content was rather high, in the range of 95 weight %. The first stage of the works was devoted to thermodynamic studies leading to the determination of phase equilibria in the Nb-Fe-Cr-Si system. Then, the obtained results were used to determine the compositions of masteralloys and the conditions of the pack-cementation processs (temperature, gas atmosphere and time) for depositing the Nb3Fe3CrSi6 phase as superficial layer, in avoiding the growth of brittle silicides as well as silicide sensitive to pest phenomenon