September 17-20, 2017
Cumberland Lodge
Windsor, United Kingdom

Editors:   Jon Binner, The University of Birmingham, Edgbaston, United Kingdom
  Bill Lee, Imperial College, London, United Kingdom

The articles for these proceedings are not peer-reviewed.



Conference Program, Jon Binner and Bill Lee (Article)


Extended Potentials of UHTCMCs in Space Vehicle Extreme Environment Applications - Large System Intergrator View and Expectations, Wolfgang Fischer (Abstract and Presentation)


Ultra high temperature ceramics for hypersonic space vehicles: opportunities and challenges, Bikramjit Basu (Abstract and Presentation)


Testing ultra-high temperature ceramics for thermal protection and rocket applications, Raffaele Savino (Abstract and Presentation)

High enthalpy testing of UHTC materials for space applications, Burkard Esser and A Gülhan (Abstract)

Thermo-chemical surface instabilities of SiC-ZrB2 ceramics in high enthalpy supersonic dissociated airflows, Frederic Monteverde (Abstract)


Phase transformations in oxides above 2000°C: Experimental technique development, Sergey V. Ushakov and Alexandra Navrotsky (Abstract and Presentation)

Processing and evaluation of UHTC loaded composites, Carmen Carney, M Cinibulk, and Triplicane Parthasarathy (Abstract)

Synthesis and properties of carbon fiber reinforced UHTC composites, Sea-Hoon Lee (Abstract)

Enabling the next generation of near-net-shaping techniques for UHTCs, Carolina Tallon, GV Franks, and S Leo (Abstract)

Ultra-high temperature ceramic coatings and structures formed by vacuum plasma spray, Daniel Butts (Abstract)


Feasibility research of gaining “refractory high entropy carbides” through in situ carburization of refractory high entropy alloys, Yuanlin Ai, Shuxin Bai, Li’an Zhu, and Yicong Ye (Abstract and Presentation)

Ultra high temperature ceramic composite materials, Virtudes Rubio; J Binner; T Ackerman, Ackerman; S Cousinet; N Pommepuy; and X Bertrand (Abstract)

Flash spark plasma sintering of UHTCs, Salvatore Grasso, Theo Saunders, Jon Binner, Ji Zou, Omar Cedillos-Barraza, Eugenio Zapata-Solvas, Samuel Humphry-Baker, William E. Lee, Andrew Duff, Thomas Mellan, Michael W. Finnis, Ján Dusza, Richard Sedlák, Tamás Csanádi, Vladimir Girman, and Pavol Hvizdos (Abstract)

Creep of HfB2-based UHTCs up to 2000oC, Eugenio Zapata-Solvas, Chenchen Liu, Lun Feng, Salvatore Grasso, Mike Reece, Diego Gomez-Garcia, Arturo Dominguez-Rodriguez, See Hun Lee, and Bill Lee (Abstract)

Theory and simulation of ultra-high-temperature ceramics, Tom Mellan, Theresa Davey, Sam Azadi, Andrew I. Duff, Michael W. Finnis, and Hartree Centre (Abstract)

Electronic structures and thermal properties of 312-MAX phases, Sam Azadi and MW Finnis (Abstract)

Porous ZrB2 manufacturing for transpiration cooling systems for hypersonic flights, Laura Larrimbe, W. E. Lee, and L. Vandeperre (Abstract)

Uranium nitride-silicide advanced nuclear fuel: Higher efficiency and greater safety, Theodore M. Besmann, Tashiema L. Wilson, Emily E. Moore, Mallikharjuna Bogala, Mark J. Noordhoek, Elizabeth Sooby Wood, Andrew T. Nelson, Jacob W. McMurray, Simon . C. Middleburgh, and Peng Xu (Abstract)

A computational investigation of the phase and microstructural stability in transition metal carbides and nitrides, Christopher R. Weinberger, Xiao-Xiang Yu, Hang Yu, and Gregory Thompson (Abstract)

Theoretical prediction on room and high temperature mechanical and thermal properties of the matrix and interphase materials for future UHTCf/UHTC composites, Yanchun Zhou, Fu-zhi Dai, and Huimin Xiang (Abstract)

In-situ phase diagram determination of the HfO2-Ta2O5 binary up to 3000˚C, Scott J. McCormack, Denys Kapush, Richard Weber, Alexandra Navrotsky, and Waltraud M. Kriven (Abstract)

Recent advances in study of high-temperature behavior of non-stoichiometric TaCX, HfCXand ZrCX in the domain of their congruent melting point, Mikhail Sheindlin, Alexander F rolov, Sergey Petukhov, Georgii Valyano, Andrey Vasin, and Timerkhan Falyahov (Abstract)

Effect of electronic structure on phase equilibria in the AlB2-ScB2-YB2-ZrB2-HfB2-NbB2- TaB2 system, Mark Opeka and James Zaykoski (Abstract)


Introduction to H2020 project C3HARME: Next generation ceramic composites for combustion harsh environments and space, Diletta Sciti, Laura Silvestroni, Luca Zoli, Antonio Vinci, and Frederic Monteverde (Abstract and Presentation)

Processing of UHTCMCs, Jon Binner, V Rubio, D Sciti, L Zoli, A Vinci, F Monteverde, L Silvestroni, M Parco, T Reimer, D Koch, A Schoberth, Sebastian Heilmeyer, S Sanvito, and Y Zhang (Abstract)

Testing approach to new fibre-reinforced UHTC materials in the C3HARME project, Thomas Reimer, M Kuetemeyer, N Jain, L Silvestroni, F Monteverde, L Zoli, J Binner, V Rubio, RA Savino, GD Di Martino, and S Mungiguerra (Abstract)

Influence of SiC on the oxidation resistance of carbon fibre reinforced UHTCMCsAntonio Vinci, Antonio Vinci, L Zoli, and Diletta Sciti (Abstract)

Melt modification for manufacturing of UHTCMC by reactive melt infiltration, Marius Kütemeyer (Abstract)

Synthesis and characterization of group IV and V metal diboride nanocrystals via borothermal reduction of metal oxide with NaBH4, Luca Zoli, Laura Silvestroni, Paola Pinasco, and Diletta Sciti (Abstract)

Science of entropy-stabilized ultra-high temperature materials: synthesis, validation and properties, Elizabeth Opila, Patrick Hopkins, Donald Brenner, Jon-Paul Maria, Stefano Curtarolo, Kenneth Vecchio, and Jian Luo (Abstract)

Science of entropy-stabilized ultra-high temperature materials: predictive and multi-physics modelling, Donald Brenner, Jon-Paul Maria, Elizabeth Opila, Patrick Hopkins, Stefano Curtarolo, Kenneth Vecchio, and Jian Luo (Abstract)

Modelling and synthesis of high-entropy refractory carbides, nitrides and carbonitrides, Kenneth Vecchio, Jian Luo, Joshua Gild, Mojtaba Samiee, Olivia F. Dippo, Tyler J. Harrington, Stefano Curtarolo, Pranab Sarker, and Cormac Toher (Abstract)

First principles computational descriptor for entropy forming ability, Stefano Curtarolo, Pranab Sarker, Cormac Toher, Tyler J. Harrington, Kenneth S. Vecchio, Jon-Paul Maria, and Donald Brenner (Abstract)

Measurements and simulations of the phonon thermal conductivity of entropy stabilized alloys, Patrick Hopkins, Ashutosh Giri, Elizabeth Opila, Lavina Backman, Christina Rost, Jeffrey Braun, Mina Lim, Donald Brenner, Jon-Paul Maria, Trent Borman, Kevin Ferri, Samuel Daigle, Zsolt Rack, Joshua Gild, Kenneth Vecchio, Jian Luo, Tyler Harrington, Cormac Toher, Stefano Curtarolo, and Pranab Sarker (Abstract)

High-entropy metal diborides: a new class of ultra-high temperature ceramics, Jian Luo, Joshua Gild, Tyler Harrington, Yuanyao Zhang, Tao Hu, Kenneth Vecchio, Cormac Toher, Pranab Sarker, Stefano Curtarolo, Jeff Braun, Lavina Backman, Elizabeth Opila, Patrick Hopkins, Samuel Daigle, Jon-Paul Maria, and Donald Brenner (Abstract)

Science of entropy-stabilized ultra-high temperature thin films: Synthesis, validation and properties, Jon-Paul Maria, Trent Borman, Donald Brenner, Elizabeth Oplia, Tina Rost, Patrick Hopkins, Ken Vecchio, Tyler Harrington, Cormac Toher, and Stefano Curtarolo (Abstract)

High entropy transition metal carbides, Elinor Castle, Mike Reece, Salvatore Grasso, Tamas Csanadi, and Jan Dusza (Abstract)

Thermomechanical deformation behavior and mechanisms in transition metal carbides, Gregory B. Thompson, N. De Leon, C.J. Smith, Morgan Ross, and C.R. Weinberger (Abstract)

Slip activation controlled nanohardness anisotropy of ZrB2 grains, Tamás Csanádi, Ján Dusza, William G. Fahrenholtz, and Gregory E. Hilmas (Abstract)

Mechanical properties of zirconium diboride ceramics, Gregory E. Hilmas and William G. Fahrenholtz (Abstract)

Thermal properties of zirconium diboride ceramics, William G. Fahrenholtz and Gregory E. Hilmas (Abstract)

Protection against oxidation, by CVD or SPS coatings of hafnium carbide and silicon carbide, on carbon/carbon composites, Alexandre Allemand, S Jacques, Y Le Petitcorps, O Szwedek, and C Verdon (Abstract)


Oxidation of UC: an in-situ high temperature environmental scanning electron microscopy study, Claudia Gasparrini, Michael J.D. Rushton, William E. Lee, Renaud Podor, Denis Horlait, and Olivier Fiquet (Abstract and Presentation)

Hafnium iridide as a component of materials for extreme applications, Natalya I. Baklanova and V.V. Lozanov (Abstract)

Effects of transition metals on thermal properties of ZrB2, Austin D. Stanfield, William G. Fahrenholtz, and Greg E. Hilmas (Abstract)

Oxidation resistance of multi-component carbide and boride UHTCS, Lavina Backman, Elizabeth Opila, Joshua Gild, Jian Luo, Kenneth Vecchio, and Tyler Harrington (Abstract)

Mechanical properties of borothermally synthesized ZrB2, Alec C. Murchie, Greg E. Hilmas, and William G. Fahrenholtz (Abstract)

Tailoring hardness and deformation slip mechanisms in Hf-Ta-C, Chase J. Smith, Xiao-xiang Yu, Qianying Guo, Christopher R. Weinberger, and Gregory B. Thompson (Abstract)

Exploring new approaches and applications for multi-scale porous UHTCS, Carolina Tallon, David Hicks, Clara Minas, Laura Jukes, and George V. Franks (Abstract)

Characterizing novel transducers for high temperature thermal measurements using time domain thermoreflectance, Christina M. Rost, Lavina Backman, Elizabeth J. Opila, Patrick E. Hopkins, Kevin Ferri, Jon-Paul Maria, Trent Borman, and Charlotte Dawes (Abstract)

AP-CVD ZrB2 process development for discrete and duplex UHTC coatings, Hollie Heard and Calvin Prentice (Abstract)

Preparation, oxidation and ablation resistance of IrAl intermetallic coating, Li’an Zhu, Yicong Ye, Hong Zhang, and Shuxin Bai (Abstract)


Novel Ir-X thermal protection coatings designed for extreme aerodynamic heating environment, Kaili Zhang, Yicong Ye, Li`an Zhu, and Shuxin Bai (Abstract and Presentation)

Fabrication of high-entropy nitrides and carbonitrides, Olivia F. Dippo, Tyler J. Harrington, Eduardo Marin, William. M. Mellor, Matthew C. Quinn, Kenneth S. Vecchio, Cormac Toher, Stefano Curtarolo, and Pranab Sarker (Abstract)

Modelling and synthesis of high-entropy refractory carbides, Tyler J. Harrington, Olivia F. Dippo, Mojtaba Samiee, Joshua Gild, Jian Luo, Kenneth S. Vecchio, Pranab Sarker, Cormac Toher, and Stefano Curtarolo (Abstract)

Synthesis of high entropy metal diborides, Joshua Gild, Tyler Harrington, Yuanyao Zhang, Tao Hu, Kenneth Vecchio, and Jian Luo (Abstract)

Influence of chemical disorder on atomic structure in high-entropy diborides, Samuel Daigle, Donald Brenner, Joshua Gild, Jian Luo, Lavina Backman, and Elizabeth Opila (Abstract)

Influence of mass and charge disorder on the phonon thermal conductivity of some high entropy ceramics by molecular dynamics simulation, Mina Lim, Samuel Daigle, Donald Brenner, Zsolt Rak, Ashutosh Giri, Christina Rost, Patrick Hopkins, and Jeffrey Braun (Abstract)

Science of high entropy ultra-high temperature thin films: synthesis and characterization, Trent Borman, Donald Brenner, Jon-Paul Maria, Elizabeth Oplia, Patrick Hopkins, Christina Rost, Lavina Backman, Ken Vecchio, Tyler Harrington, Cormac Toher, and Stefano Curtarolo (Abstract)

Hyperbaric pressure – laser assisted chemical vapor deposition of ceramic Si-based fibers, Katherine Vinson, James Maxwell, Jimmy Allen, and Ryan Hooper (Abstract)

Study of the pyrolysis mechanism of SiBCN polymer precursor, Yifen Xu, Zhihai FENG, and HU Jidong (Abstract)

Plasma wind tunnel characterization of plasma-sprayed UHTC coatings, Mario De Stefano Fumo, Roberto Gardi, Marika Belardo, Giuliano Marino, and Stefania Cantoni (Abstract)

Characterization of the thermal properties of entropy stabilized oxides and high entropy diborides, Jeff Braun, Christina Rost, Ashutosh Giri, Joshua Gild, Mina Lim, Jian Luo, Jon-Paul Maria, Donald Brenner, and Patrick Hopkins (Abstract)