High-entropy metal diborides: a new class of ultra-high temperature ceramics

Conference Dates

September 17-20, 2017


Several equimolar, five-component, metal diborides were fabricated via high-energy ball milling and spark plasma sintering [Scientific Reports 6:37946 (2016)] or conventional pressure-less sintering. Most compositions synthesized, e.g., (Hf0.2Zr0.2Ta0.2Nb0.2Ti0.2)B2, (Hf0.2Zr0.2Ta0.2Mo0.2Ti0.2)B2 and several others, processed single solid-solution phases of the hexagonal AlB2 structure, while a few other compositions yielded two or more boride phases. These materials represent a new type of ultra-high temperature ceramic (UHTC) as well as a new class of high-entropy materials that possess a non-cubic (hexagonal) and layered (quasi-2D) crystal structure (Fig. 1).

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