Flash spark plasma sintering of UHTCs

Conference Dates

September 17-20, 2017


During the five year XMat research project supported by EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council, UK) at Queen Mary we developed a novel sintering technique called Flash Spark Plasma Sintering (FSPS[1]) which is particularly suitable for the ultrarapid (a few seconds) consolidation of UHTCs. As in the case of incandescent lamps, flash sintering techniques use localized Joule heating developed within the consolidating particles using typically a die-less configuration. Heating rates are extreme (104–106 °C/min), and the sintering temperature is therefore reached extremely rapidly. The research covered mostly metallic conductors (ZrB2[2], HfB2,TiB2) and semiconductors (B4C, SiC and their composites). The talk will summarize the joint XMat team efforts to:

-Identify the FSPS consolidation mechanism using modelling and transmission electron microscopy,

-Characterise the structural properties for the bulk materials and redefine the structure-property relationships of FSPSed materials

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