Atomically controlled processing for dopant segregation in CVD silicon and germanium epitaxial growth

Conference Dates

May 21-25, 2017


Atomically controlled processing has become indispensable for the fabrication of Si-based ultra-small devices and heterodevices for ultra-large scale integration. This is because high performance devices require atomicorder abrupt heterostructures and doping profiles as well as strain engineering which is obtained by the introduction of Ge into Si. Our concept of atomically controlled processing is based on atomic-order surface reaction control in Si and Ge-based CVD growth [1-4]. The fabrication of atomic-level steep doping profiles requires the suppression of dopant segregation during epitaxial growth [5,6]. In this work, P and B impurity segregation during in-situ doping in Si and Ge CVD epitaxial growth is reviewed.

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