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May 21-25, 2017


This paper deals with the evolution since the early eighties of the microelectronics applied to integrated circuits and to large area electronics. The evolution in France was linked to a very strong effort of the French government (Microelectronics national plan) to improve the Higher Education in this field and to form with the knowledge and the know-how the future engineers, masters and doctors to the research and development and to the production. A way to help the growth of microelectronics companies mainly in France, but also for the world in the frame of multinational companies. More recently, a new national plan was engaged in the frame of the French Large Investment Commissariat with the goal to improve the large area technology and the integrated technologies and to be adapted to the digital society coming. Connecting objects and Internet of Things are mainly mixing the different components of the electronics and microelectronics domains [1]. After a synthetic presentation of the evolution of the two main technologies developed in research and development centers and in academic laboratories, the paper highlights the strategy developed by the French community based on the innovation [2]. The interesting point is that, if at the beginning the two domains appear independent, the evolution of the process and the fabulous evolution of the CAD tools is making closer and closer the design and fabrication approaches by combining the two technologies. For example the FDSOI (Fully Depleted Silicon on Insulator) concept was in practice existing since many years in thin film transistor technology deposited at a relatively low temperature (

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