Non-volatile n+-TiO2 channel FETs with ferroelectric HfO2

Conference Dates

May 19-23, 2019


Ferroelectric FETs (Fe-FETs) have been investigated for many years, because it may offer versatile opportunities in terms of low-power nonvolatile FETs. Recently, ferroelectric HfO2 was found experimentally [1], and has been investigated for various promising applications, because HfO2 is now dominantly used for advanced CMOS gate stacks. Substantial challenges of ferroelectric FETs for advanced device design are how to control the interface with semiconductors as well as the ferroelectric material properties. Furthermore, since the polarization charges are always too high for conventional semiconductor channels, it is required to reconsider the semiconductor material as well as appropriate FET structure. This paper discusses opportunities of ferroelectric FETs using doped HfO2 on an oxide semiconductor channel, and demonstrates its nonvolatile FET performance.

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