Reliability degradation phenomena in metal oxide thin film transistors

Conference Dates

May 19-23, 2019


Oxide Thin Film Transistors have been extensively studied as driving elements for realizing next-generation displays. For this purpose, not only improvement of performance but also improvement of reliability are indispensable. Compared to amorphous Si and low temperature polycrystalline Si which have been put into practical use, unique deterioration phenomenon has been reported by various researchers. In this paper, we introduce the reliability of this oxide thin film transistor, mainly on degradation mechanism and improvement measures. First, we introduce deterioration phenomena against stress such as constant voltage application, AC voltage application, light irradiation, Joule heat and its mechanism. Next, we will also introduce the influence of hydrogen in the oxide material on the reliability of the device, measures for improving the passivation material and measures for improving the reliability of the device by improving the manufacturing process.

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