Conference Dates

June 6-11, 2010


Worldwide cancer affects more than 10 million new people each year while other 22 million are living with this devastating disease.

Cancer vaccines are the newest weapon in the battle against this disease, specifically increasing body's natural abilities to halt tumour progression. Currently, 141 distinct projects are at different stages of clinical development.

The Cuban Biotech System of Institutions has been actively involved in this field for almost 20 years, resulting that 8 innovative therapeutic cancer vaccine projects are currently under clinical investigation.

The main focus of these projects is to impact the principal cancer localizations afecting Cuban population, like NSCLC, breast cancer, prostate cancer, colon cancer and cervical cancer.

From the technical point of view a common feature of 6 out of the 8 projects is the use of Very Small Sized Proteoliposomes (VSSP) as a peculiar nanoparticulated proprietary adjuvant.

This presentation will briefly describe the rationale of these cancer vaccines and will update about their clinical status, in the context of the Cuban vaccine development program.