Conference Dates

June 6-11, 2010


Recently, responding to WHO’s call for new polio vaccines, the development of Sabin-IPV (injectable, formalin-Inactivated Polio Vaccine, based on attenuated ‘Sabin’ polio virus strains) was initated at NVI. This activity plays an important role in the WHO polio eradication strategy. The use of Sabin instead of wild-type Salk polio strains will provide additional safety during vaccine production. Initially, the Sabin-IPV production process will be based on the scale-down model of the current, and well-established, Salk-IPV process. In parallel, process development, optimization and formulation research is being carried out to further modernize the process and reduce cost per dose. The lab-scale accelerated process development, product characterization, clinical lot production, and preparations for technology transfer will be discussed.

Multivariate data analysis (MVDA) was applied on data from current IPV production (more than 60 Vero cell culture based runs) to extract relevant information, like operating ranges. Subsequently, based on the MVDA analysis, a 3-L scale-down model of the current twin 750-L bioreactors has been setup. Currently, in this lab-scale process, cell and virus culture approximate the large-scale and process improvement studies are in progress. This includes the application of increased cell densities, animal component free media, and DOE optimization in multiple parallel bioreactors.

Also, results will be shown from large-scale (to prepare for future technology transfer) generation and testing of Master- and Working virus seedlots, and clinical lot (for phase I studies) production under cGMP conditions. The obtained product was used for immunogenicity studies in rats. It was shown that Sabin-IPV induces a good immune response, and a comparison will be made to regular Salk-IPV. Finally, technology transfer to vaccine manufacturers in low and middle–income countries will take place. For that, an international Sabin-IPV manufacturing course, including practical training at pilot-scale, is being setup.