How is vaccine R&D pipeline strategy going to evolve for pharm industry…?

Conference Dates

June 12-17, 2016


The pharmaceutical industry has gone through huge changes since the early 2000s. Faced with patent expirations, increased cost of development, reduced R&D productivity and increased price pressure, the pharmaceutical industry had continuously to rethink its model to keep its success, and continues to do so.

In the presentation, we’ll review how the model has evolved over time, and continues to evolve from Pharma 1.0 (traditional model), through Pharma 2.0 (2005-2010) to pharma 3.0 (> 2020).

National decision makers and Health care payers in the industrialized world are heavily focusing on the importance of cost effectiveness of public health interventions. We’ll discuss how, in this context, the importance of prevention and vaccines will grow as pressure on health care budgets increases, and the global population grows and ages. Breakthrough in better understanding of the immune pathways, availability of new vaccine technology platforms to successfully trigger these pathways, will be key contributors to vaccination become one of the key pillars of future healthcare, both in prevention, and, later on, in disease interception.

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