Correlations of antibody response phenotype to genotype revealed by molecular amplification fingerprinting

Conference Dates

June 12-17, 2016


It has long been possible to measure the phenotype of antibody responses (antigen-specific titers) through conventional serological assays (e.g., ELISA). In contrast, the ability to measure the genotype of antibody responses has only recently become possible through the advent of high-throughput antibody repertoire sequencing (Ig-seq), which provides quantitative molecular information on clonal expansion, diversity and somatic hypermutation. However, Ig-seq is compromised by the presence of bias and errors introduced during library preparation and sequencing and thus prevent reliable immunological conclusions from being made. By using synthetic antibody spike-in genes, we determined that Ig-seq data overestimated antibody diversity measurements by up to 5000-fold and was less than 60% accurate in clonal frequency measurements.

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