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June 12-17, 2016


Antimicrobial resistance is a global human and animal health concern that is influenced by the non-appropriate use of antimicrobial agents in both human and veterinary medicine, as well as in the plant sector. To combat antimicrobial resistance, the World Organisation for Animal health (OIE) has developed science-based intergovernmental standards and guidelines covering terrestrial animals and aquaculture.

The OIE also contributed to the development of the WHO Global Action Plan on Antimicrobial Resistance, adopted in 2015 by the World Health Assembly. The 180 Member Countries of the OIE expressed their support to this plan of action through a Resolution, unanimously adopted in May 2015.

As a contribution to the global actions to address antimicrobial resistance, and in consideration of the use of vaccines to prevent diseases as one of the possible options to reduce the use of antimicrobial agents at the global level, the OIE convened an ad hoc Group on Prioritisation of Diseases for which Vaccines could Reduce Antimicrobial Use in Animals in April 2015.

Animal diseases for which availability and use of vaccines could reduce the use of antimicrobial agents in animals were identified and recommendations were made to better target research programmes for new or improved vaccines. The Group focused on pigs, poultry and fish as a first step and reviewed the main reasons for antibiotic use. Key diseases, including some viral diseases, driving antibiotic use in animals were considered, and areas for research, where investment could lead to new or improved vaccines with the potential to reduce antibiotic use were identified.

The outcome of this work, which will be presented with more details, was the development of tables of ranked priority diseases per species considered with the aim of providing direction to policy makers and research communities and industry on where to invest to reduce the need for antimicrobial use in animals with a focus on vaccines.


Report of the ad hoc Group on Prioritisation of Disease for which Vaccines could reduce Antimicrobial Use in Animals (Annex 5

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