Conference Dates

June 12 – 17, 2022


It is widely recognized that mucosal immunization is the most efficient route of delivery to offer protective immunity. Oral administration can boost the economic value of vaccines, make needle-free delivery possible, and allow for safe and convenient self-administration. Despite these critical advantages, there are very few oral or nasal COVID-19 vaccine in development, and none on the market. The main challenge for an efficacious vaccine administered orally is the need for an efficient antigen delivery system into the mucosa. VaxForm has developed a technology that consists of co-adsorbing antigen(s) and a C-type lectin (CTL) receptor agonist to an aluminum delivery particle and encapsulating the vaccine with an enteric polymer to protect it from the stomach acidic environment and enhance stability. Once in the intestines, the protective polymer dissolves, and the CTL agonist targets the microfold (M) cells in the gut associated lymphoid tissues (GALT), allowing efficient delivery of the antigens adsorbed to aluminum particle

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