Conference Dates

June 12 – 17, 2022


The industry landscape is evolving rapidly and requires new and innovative approaches for more rapidly addressing the growing global demand for drug products as well as the challenges of unpredictability and inflexibility that have historically burdened the industry. Over the past two years, the industry’s herculean response to the COVID-19 pandemic has proven that with the proper focus, investment, science, and manufacturing technologies, these historic challenges can be overcome as well as establishing new benchmarks for how the industry can perform in the future to ensure availability of drug products and therapies to the global patient base

Prefabricated modular construction of cleanrooms, utilities, and facility structures, is an innovative approach to building new manufacturing facilities that the industry has benefited from and is currently being utilised in critical COVID related projects. Prefabricated and modular facilities have been utilized in many industries such as food, chemical, and consumer products in the past, and have started to see significant adoption within the pharma and biopharma industries over the past ten years. This has largely been driven by the need to reduce project timelines, improve capability and flexibility, and minimize the risks associated with traditional construction for manufacturing facilities. It has helped as well to make Biopharma manufacturing more accessible to emerging regions, where in the past biomanufacturing was too complex to establish.

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