Conference Dates

June 12 – 17, 2022


Preculture of suspension cells is successfully performed in shake flasks. Especially newly developed designer cells are passaged up to 100 times in shake flaks at high shaking frequency and are then perfectly adapted to growth in a CO2 incubator with pH control and maximum oxygen supply (typically above 80% pO2). When they are subsequently transferred to stirred tank bioreactors for scaling up, specific cell growth rates are often lower and cells become sensitive to pH control via acid/base addition and shear stress due to submers gassing (bubbles). This was also seen for avian AGE1.CR.pIX and human HEK 293 cells. To avoid these problems, scale up in shaken mode was evaluated.

Here we present the latest developments of the SB10-X OSB bioreactor with regard to bag design and improvement of the control unit. A new control strategy was introduced leading to a faster and more precise pH and DO control. Furthermore, the perfusion bag was optimized, so that on TFF or two ATF systems can be easily connected. Both developments have led to a more robust SB10-X system that allows to easily perform batch, fed batch or perfusion runs.

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