Conference Dates

June 12 – 17, 2022


EpiVax, Inc., a Rhode Island-based Biotechnology company, develops vaccines that exploit T cell immunity using the innovative iVAX vaccine antigen design platform. The premise of our strategy is the crucial role T cells play in development of protective antibody and cell-mediated immunity in natural infection. Because vaccines aim to recapitulate protective immune responses in infection, a vaccine should effectively harness T cell immunity to be protective. The significance of T cell immunity is underscored by COVID-19. Efficacy trial and real-world COVID-19 vaccine data for different vaccine modalities show a single vaccine dose is as much as 90% effective starting 14 days post-administration, when 100% of vaccinees have functional CD4 and CD8 T cells but no detectable neutralizing antibodies. As T cells support the SARS-CoV-2 antibody response, clear virus-infected cells, and may be required to block transmission, we set out to develop a vaccine designed by iVAX to enhance T cell immunity and provide long lasting protection.

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