Conference Dates

June 12 – 17, 2022


In this presentation, we will discuss recent biocompatibility data obtained using our gamma stable fluoropolymer platform and its advantage in a modern manufacturing environment for the handling of almost any biological fluids.

Single-use, disposable solutions are now widely accepted as gold standard in the biopharmaceutical industry covering every single steps of the drug manufacture process. From early-stage small scale R&D project, upstream production with several thousand-liters bioreactors, downstream process, API formulation up to critical fill & finish and transport applications, the industry is taking a shift with a significant breakthrough reported in 2021: the largest GMP facility in the world using single-use (from 200L to 4,000 L) bioreactors has been publicly announced this year with a global single-use bioreactor workforce of over 150,000 L (with extension plans for 2024 to expand its use of disposable bioreactors to over 430,000 L).

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