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June 17-22, 2018


Recent epidemics & pandemics have exposed serious flaws in global response to infectious disease outbreaks, as no vaccine were available to stop the diseases, due to limited market incentive.

New initiatives, such as the CEPI “Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations” are focusing on accelerating vaccine development for priority disease and ensuring their global availability.

In this light, Univercells is dedicated to designing novel biomanufacturing technologies to accommodate new products at short notice.

Univercells innovative manufacturing concept is designed to enable the rapid generation of potent vaccine candidates against a broad spectrum of targets, with the capacity to rapidly scale-up and deploy vaccines at low cost for a rapid response vaccine countermeasure to epidemic threats.

Based on intensification technologies, the platform achieves high productivity on a very low footprint (over 40m doses per year, on 2mx3m), for a cost-effective production of vaccines with a low investment cost.

Such footprint reduction enables the platform to be integrated into isolators for increased safety, facilitating compliance with biosafety levels.

By designing a flexible process that can easily be adapted to any viral vaccine without hardware modification, Univercells wishes to reduce the burden of developing adapted manufacturing processes for newly developed vaccines, facilitating their way towards commercialization.

These low-footprint and highly-contained production unit based on single-use technologies are easily and rapidly deployable, offering several production strategies for epidemics preparedness and response:

- Generate rotating stockpile of pandemic vaccines at low cost

- Quick-reaction units to be deployed in the field during emerging diseases

- Install as mothball extended manufacturing capacity at low CAPEX, for a rapid activation

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