Technology transfer for local vaccine production in Argentina

Conference Dates

June 17-22, 2018


Technology transfer and local production can be an effective and sustainable strategy to access newer vaccines in developing countries. The influenza pandemic in 2009 highlighted the importance of having a steady supply of vaccines to assure a controlled public-health strategy. To address these issues, Sinergium Biotech S.A. developed an innovative public-private partnership to transfer technology from multinational companies for local vaccine manufacturing. In doing so, it aimed to introduce long-lasting technology in Argentina, to support the steady supply of critical vaccines, and to generate regional exporting capacity. To date, the company has built a green field facility and has successfully completed three technology transfers from worldwide recognized technology providers, establishing state-of-the-art formulation and fill-finish capacity. Sinergium Biotech currently supplies Influenza, Pneumococcal and HPV vaccines (approximately 18 million doses per year) from its current facility in the Buenos Aires suburbs to the Argentinian Ministry of Health. In 2016, the company started a technology transfer to produce the FDA approved recombinant Influenza Vaccine Flublok® locally, including the production of the monovalent antigens. To that end, Sinergium recently started the construction of a new facility that will produce recombinant antigens using the baculovirus expression system (BEVS). The Sinergium Biotech development laboratory is currently working on a downscale process manufacturing model and analytical methods which are critical to support the future manufacturing activities.

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