Using the AdVac® vaccine manufacturing platform for rapid response to infectious disease outbreaks

Conference Dates

June 17-22, 2018


In the last decade, we have seen several examples of new or existing infectious diseases that rapidly developed into epidemics with devastating effects and sometimes high mortality. In order to combat these threats and to be prepared for future epidemics, it is essential to develop and produce vaccines against these pathogens. A lesson that can be learned from the recent Ebola epidemic in Western Afrika is that speed at which vaccines are developed is essential. A flexible and robust manufacturing platform can play a vital role in meeting the pressing timelines. At Janssen vaccines, we have developed a drug substance manufacturing platform based on AdVac® and PerC6® technology. This platform is able to handle significant variations that are associated with the production of different vaccine candidates while maintaining a consistent quality of the end product. Furthermore, the platform process is fast, low-footprint, high yield and cost-effective. The platform nature allows for quick incorporation of new vaccine candidates into our manufacturing pipeline with minimal time required for development and with fast and smooth technology transfers between development and GMP manufacturing, since experience, equipment, documentation, analytical methods can be efficiently leveraged between candidates. In this presentation, we will demonstrate the value of the AdVac® manufacturing platform for the prevention and combating of rapidly emerging epidemics of infectious diseases.

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