Rapid response pipeline for stabilized subunit vaccines

Conference Dates

June 17-22, 2018


The Coalition for Epidemic Preparedness Innovations (CEPI) have recently put out a call for proposals aimed at platform technologies that can enable rapid vaccine development for novel or previously unrecognized viruses. We have proposed a streamlined process for the generation of stabilized subunit vaccines. This project brings together unique proprietary recombinant technology for generating stabilized subunit vaccines (the molecular clamp), a highly skilled team from some of Australia’s leading scientific organizations and world-class facilities.

Molecular clamp is a broadly applicable platform technology that facilitates expression of recombinant viral glycoproteins in subunit form without loss of native antigenicity. The molecular clamp imparts superior stability over alternative trimerization domains, efficiently stabilizing soluble viral fusion proteins in their native trimeric 'pre-fusion' form. This form is equivalent to that expressed on the virion surface and the principle target for a protective neutralizing antibody response. Through stabilization of the pre-fusion form, the molecular clamp promotes the production of highly neutralizing and broadly cross-reactive antibodies. Importantly, the molecular clamp does not required prior knowledge of a proteins quaternary structure.

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