CRISPR-dCAS9 for controlling baculovirus replication and increasing production of virus-like particles

Conference Dates

June 17-22, 2018


The Insect Cell – Baculovirus Expression Vector System (IC-BEVS) has proven to be a robust and efficient platform for the manufacture of recombinant proteins for virus-like particles (VLPs). However, IC-BEVS suffers from a general lack of developed genetic tools to permit rational genetic engineering to further improve efficiency and yields. Replication of the baculovirus is an inherent process of the infection cycle and may represent a significant diversion of cellular resources away from recombinant protein production. Although previous studies have reduced or eliminated the production of baculovirus by deriving various knockout mutants and complementing cell lines, production of recombinant proteins is typically equal to or lower than that of a replication-competent BEV. We believe that a reduction in endogenous BEV proteins should allow for increased expression of desired recombinant proteins.

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