Orbital shaken bioreactor for influenza A virus production in high cell density cultivations

Conference Dates

June 17-22, 2018


The majority of large scale cell culture processes is performed in stirred tank bioreactors (STR) and process development employs scale down models of the same bioreactor type. However, for screening of clones or process conditions at even smaller scale, shake flasks (SF) represent the most widely used model. Occasionally, SF allow for robust processes that cannot be transferred to STR because sensitive cells cannot cope with mechanical stress in STR due to stirring and aeration. Orbital shaken bioreactors (OSB) are a valuable alternative to STR as the transfer from SF to OSB is simplified because the systems rely on the same basic principles for mixing and aeration (e.g., bubble-free surface gassing). In particular, high oxygen transfer rates and short mixing times combined with low shear stress can also be achieved in OSB. These benefits may be even more pronounced in high density culture processes.

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